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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of getting your website found by the search engines. A website that is nicely designed will have a great impression, but it will not invite prospective clients or search engine providers. The answer is very simple; the more visitors that come, the more chances you will have to sell your products or services and increase profits. People search more online to purchase products and or services, but if your website is not search engine optimized it will get misplaced in between millions of websites.

SEO Keyword Research (Keyword Analysis & Selection)

One of the most crucial steps in any SEO process begins with choosing optimized keyword phrases that are related to your niche products and services. With a list of keyword phrases that you provide to us along with the names of your online/offline competitors, we will use various tools & SEO strategies to determine which keywords are the most popular and their levels of competition. We will provide you with the strategic list of keyword phrases you can choose from. Once you approve the keyword phrases for your SEO campaign, we will begin optimizing your website with these keyword phrases. We know what the consumer seeks in terms of the right words and key phrases, so you can rest assure that La Luna Creative will do extensive research in finding the right choice of keywords for you and help your site obtain optimization.


SEO GEO Targeting- Local Search Optimization

Local search engine optimization is a part of SEO strategy that aims to divert local traffic to your website. It is a current trend among Internet users to make their search for businesses, products or services location specific. As an Internet marketing tool, local search optimization is widely in use to attract local customers. This type of search optimization makes the search more specific, thereby, increasing the traffic to your website.


We take the guesswork out of SEO Local Visibility

There is a lot involved in the SEO game, so much so that the average person would just want to pull their hair out. As new or even seasoned business owners we tend to wear many hats in our companies. I know this first hand as I was my own marketer, design person, coffee girl, customer service rep, copywriter and the list goes on and on. Over the years I have learned that sometimes we need to stop being a control freak and just let go. Let someone else do some of the tasks. Your reasons may be that you feel you can’t afford it, but and there is a big but here, in the SEO game how can you not afford it?

*Please note in order for us to work with you, you need to have a Forensic Website and SEO Audit Done.


Don’t get me wrong you can do the SEO leg work all on your own, I offer Learn SEO sessions and a DIY Premium SEO Support packages that is dedicated to helping business owners who want to tackle this task, but do you honestly have the time and energy to tackle this task?

If you don’t then let me take this task off your hands, I will help get your business more local customers via Google. Your investment starts at 1000 per month, my work is custom-tailored to your business.

If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty, I urge you to continue reading.


  • You need to have a Google My Business page if you don’t have one, your Google My Business page needs to optimized and it needs to be properly structured.
  • Next your website is it ready for Google and its bots? If not your losing out, I will help fix up your website for supreme local visibility, using some of my on page SEO skills. Also the design of your site should be on point; this has started to play a role on how you are ranked, so if it's not on point you need to make it on point. If you have webmaster, then I can tell him or her what to do to fix your site, although I rather handle some of it myself.
  • Part of our SEO service includes building citations and list your business on some very important sites; some of these sites include Yelp, Angieslist, and Merchant Circle. Now if you are already listed on some of the sites we use, we will fix your listings and make sure they are all consistent. We will use the research we did on your competitors and see where they get their juice from and we list yours there as well. This takes the most time as all of this is done manually; we don’t use software as a lot of the SEO companies out there. We plug in each and every detail of your business on all of these sites one by one.
  • We will help you get reviews if need be from your past and current customers. Reviews can play a good role in helping you rank locally. (extra fee applies to add reputation management- Review Management)
  • We will also do some research where we can get you some well-placed links as well.

*Please note in order for us to work with you, you need to have a Forensic Website and SEO Audit Done.


Simply put we don’t play around and we are upfront and honest, you know that this service will be an investment starting at 1000 per month. we will tell you straight up if you don’t need this service we can recommend you to one of our other services such as Learn SEO and a DIY Premium SEO Support If we can’t help you we will let you know that as well.
Once you make a payment you can and always will have access to your Google listing, we will not hold it captive. Once we are done you will get a listing of all the places your site is listed. We will help you get listed on other search engines, but our main focus will be on Google.
Since every business is different so is the way we will tackle yours. We will never use the same tactics on your business as we have done with past or present clients. We are here to help you and we will answer any questions you may have, you got our personal attention within reason.
The ball is in your court now, do you want to drive in more customers and take your business to the next level?

You have a few choices and it’s up to you to choose one:

  • Make an investment in your business starting at 1000 per month and let us take care of the grunt work, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. (Before we begin working with any clients we require our clients to order a Forensic Website and SEO Audit see here.
  • You can implement the steps yourself;  Learn SEO and DIY Premium SEO Support I can show you how and can do a for you with
  • Finally, you can sit around and hope that since you built it they will come. The choice is yours!

*Please note in order for us to work with you, you need to have a Forensic Website and SEO Audit Done.


“Great value for the money! I received a ton of insight that made me look at my website and marketing efforts through a different site of eyes. I highly recommend this service."

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