What is causing you to lose money?


A Forensic Website and SEO Audit gives you in-depth insight on how well your website is performing on the search engines. Our Forensic Website and SEO Audit helps you identify areas of your site that is performing well as well as areas that need improvement; these factors can help you rank your website better.

A Forensic Website and SEO Audit can give insight on your competitors and how well you are doing against them. What keywords you are ranking for what keywords you are not ranking for. It can also help you understand why you may not be receiving the sales, traffic, and conversions you are after.

How Do I know If I need A Forensic Website And SEO Audit?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, chances are you are a good candidate for our Forensic Website and SEO Audit.

  • Thinking about redesigning your current website.
  • Wondering why you are not ranking high in the search engines.
  • Not receiving the traffic and conversions you hoped for.
  • Wondering if your site was hit with a search engine penalty, such as Penguin or Panda or whatever Google wants to call it now.
  • Your site has the following issues it’s slow to load, it’s not mobile friendly/ responsive.
  • Not sure if the content is good or your website is coded correctly, don’t know if it has redirect and 404 errors, not sure what your authority is in the industry your business is in.

Not sure about any of this? No problem La Luna Creative L.L.C.  will make it as easy as possible to understand. Order your Forensic Website and SEO Audit Today!


Every website should perform a Forensic Website and SEO Audit on a regular basis to stay on top of your competition and to make sure you are not losing out on potential new leads. It shows you where you can make improvements on your website and SEO efforts; it also shows where you are doing well.

If you are thinking about starting a marketing campaign, redesigning your current website or wanting to get SEO work done, then you should have a Forensic Website and SEO Audit done first. Any marketing or web design agency you decide to work with should always recommend performing a Forensic Website and SEO Audit before they offer any suggestions on how they can help with your website or marketing efforts.

Let’s us make this clear our Forensic Website and SEO Audit is not a fix it and forget it, making changes won’t happen overnight, also making these changes will not automatically make you number 1 on Google. Having a successful business takes hard work and dedication being first on Google, will not happen overnight. We want to make this clear, but don’t get turned off by this having a Forensic Website, and SEO Audit will help you steer your business in the right direction


Our Forensic Website and SEO Audits starts with an initial discovery interview. During this discovery session, we will get to know you, your business and your goals. We will also get to know your digital footprint, current target audience, and ongoing marketing efforts.

Forensic Website and SEO Audit collection of data. In this part of the process, we will preform the audit on your website. This part of the process can take from 5 days, or more dependent upon our current audit schedule and the size of your site digital footprint. Need the audit faster? We can do that for an additional fee see below for details. Once we have completed your audit, we will email you the audit and set up a time to chat.

Preliminary Report Findings – Our final step in Forensic Website and SEO Audit is to go over the report with you and answer any questions you may have. We will also discuss what it could take to make all the necessary improvements.


I have seen or have been to websites that offer free audits whereas I plugin my site, give an email address, and I get an instant report, so why should I pay you guys? If we had a dollar for every time, we are personally asked this question while we wouldn’t be rich, we would be able to go on a nice vacation.

Believe us; we have seen plenty of websites that offer free audits, where they will give you a free audit for your email address, next thing you know you get a subpar audit, and two days later you are bombarded with sales emails asking you for your business. While you may not mind giving away your email address to get something free, ask yourself are you getting something for free? Are you getting a real audit of your site? Can you understand the audit and take the suggestions into action?

To answer your question as we why La Luna Creative L.L.C.  charges for Forensic Website and SEO Audit, simply put you are not only getting an Audit, you are also receiving insight from a knowledgeable agency. An agency that comes with years of experience in the SEO game, this experience doesn’t come with an automatically generated generic report.

Here is one more thing to consider have you ever went to the doctor because you were sick and asked this same doctor for free treatment? Yeah, we didn’t think so, you see just like you pay a doctor for their knowledge and help, you are paying for our knowledge and help.

While we hope that after you receive your Forensic Website and SEO Audit, you will contact us to help you implement the changes, we want you to know that you are under obligation to do so.

Forensic Website and SEO Audit is only $697 for websites that are 10 pages or less, if you have a larger site please contact us for a quote.

Want to know something really cool? Sign up for a year of our SEO services and we will knock off 697 on your 12th month of service.

Why are you waiting to get the help you need now!


“Great value for the money! I received a ton of insight that made me look at my website and marketing efforts through a different site of eyes. I highly recommend this service."

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La Luna Creative L.L.C. offers monthly premium SEO support for DIY clients for $299 a month. Our premium SEO support offers personalized support over 12 months, La Luna Creative offers an initial session to help you set up Google Analytics, monitoring of your website via Google Analytics, monitor your progress on the suggestions given to you from your initial audit, monthly reporting, and 2 hours a month of SEO consulting. During your 2 hours, you can ask any SEO questions, you can run any SEO strategies you may have by us we can also give you opinions on your strategies.   If you are interested in our monthly premium SEO support, please fill out our contact form here. Besides offering ongoing support La Luna Creative can take care of all of your SEO needs if you are not a do-it-yourself type of person. Fill out the same form to schedule a  20- min SEO consultation.

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