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La Luna Creative is a full-service consultancy which works with our clients on all their marketing and design ventures. There are many ways to make your business recognizable; one of the primary ways is by creating a brand for your company.

Your brand should genuinely symbolize the desire and determination you put into your industry.

What Should a Brand Do for a Business?

Branding is about getting your potential clients/ customers to view your business as the only source to solve their problem or need.

The Goals That Your Business Should Have to Establish a Good Brand:

  • Delivers the message clearly
  • Create Loyalty from your prospects
  • Motivate the buyer to spend their money with you
  • Have your prospects connect with your product and or service emotionally
  • Confirm your credibility in your industry

When customers, clients, and prospects begin to resonate with you and your business, your brand will be embedded in their souls.



Three things are essential to know when building a brand that is authentic and compelling that will convert your leads into clients/customers.

  1. Your brand is more than just a logo, color scheme, etc. Your brand needs to be constructed in such a way that no one can take it from you unless one day you decide to sell your business.
  2. You need to know who you are targeting. Who is your ideal client/customer?
  3. Your brand will be with you no matter where you go. So be consistent and authentic.

Credibility in the business world requires you to have a professional image; La Luna Creative can get down to the nitty gritty to help you come up with an authentic and attractive brand that will keep your ideal client/customer coming back for more.

Once we have discovered the perfect brand for you, La Luna Creative can then help you come up with the visuals to take your business and brand to the next level. We do this by creating your complete brand from start to finish including building a brand style guide. Contact us today to get started!


Besides having your branding completed you need have a brand style guide created. Having a brand style guide is the essential document you can have for your business. Don’t be one of the many companies that don’t have one.

So, What Is A Brand Style Guide?

A brand style guide is a document created for your business that ensures brand consistency throughout any material that is produced throughout the life of your business no matter who creates such material.

Brand style guides contain all the necessary information needed to create anything your company needs. Some of this vital information includes colors and fonts used, logo variations, photos, spacing, patterns, borders and any graphic elements to your slogan and company culture. This is why having a brand style guide created is so valuable.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our team will work with you to design more than just a logo, but an identity.
Each of our complete branding packages comes with an initial creative meeting to learn more about you, your goals, what materials you currently have and an individual branding style guide for your organization, depending upon your package.
Our complete branding packages start at 1,497, but if that is out of your budget we can design just a logo starting at 497; we ask that you schedule a 20-minute free consultation to provide a quote.


Here is a sneak peek on some of our branding process.

  1. DETERMINE– We will set up a day and time where we will go over your goals, dreams, business, who you are and your ideal client. What you want your brand to represent and come up with a mission statement
  2. DISCOVER-We’ll start to look into the graphical pieces of your new brand or a brand you may have started by creating a brand style board via Pinterest, and this will help to determine what you want and don’t want your new brand to say.
  3. PROJECT-Here is where we will begin to put our ideas together. We will start to draw up your new identity and put your brand on paper.
  4. DISTRIBUTE– Once your project is complete you will have a brand and identity you will love and be proud to show. We will also show you how you can use what we came up with for different aspects of your business.

Need other graphic design work?

No problem, we got you covered, we can help you with business card design, letterhead design, Flyers, brochures, catalogs and more. Contact us today and tell us what you need.


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